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Foundations and corporations offering health insurance services in low and medium income countries can use digital radiology for quick and cost efficient screening of employees and their dependents. For instance thousands of mine workers in Kitwe , Zambia are screened regularly on lung diseases by using low cost digital radiography. Employees may live with HIV, but may die of TB if TB is not detected and treated on time.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) supports efficient digital archiving of their chest images . The Health Insurance Fund services which are rolled out in for instance Nigeria and Tanzania (supported by Dutch organizations and the Dutch Ministry of Cooperation) could also take benefit of standardized digital screening protocols on lung diseases for large groups of employees allowing to share and analyse images for improving working conditions.

Health and Safety is most important part of social performance for Corporations and the impact of pandemics HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria is growing and presents itself in:
lower labour supply
decrease of retirement age
absenteeism, decreased productivity
increased employee turnover
rising healthcare / med insurance costs