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Recognizing that 36% of TB cases worldwide are not yet detected, the Global Fund Board encourages applicants and implementers of TB-programmes to develop innovative actions to accelerate case detection and effective treatment. To measure impact of Global Fund supported TB programs, prevalence surveys have to be performed for which CXR is mandatory.

Principal recipients, implementers and applicants for Global Fund funding can include budgets for digital X-ray systems provided the policies and principles on good Procurement and Supply Management are applied; sufficient, quality assured, transparent, at the lowest price, reliable, timely and in line with national and international laws. These are key elements in the Global Fund policies. Total cost of ownership (TCO) should be taken into account for medical equipment like digital X-ray (please refer to cost savings section on this site for full details on TCO). The rules may require the principal recipient to amortise the investment over the grant period. Also a plan for post grant period use is crucial to justify the capital investment. For instance a number of NTP´s indicated to use digital radiology systems at prison sites or at hospitals after the TB prevalence survey is completed.

To facilitate access for NTP's in low and lower-middle income countries to digital radiology access pricing from manufacturers can normally be obtained. For both the system (base and mobile) and comprehensive services during 3 and 5 years reduced and fixed prices can be made available making inclusion of digital X-ray in Procurement and Supply Management plans easier, please refer to the Pricing section for more details. CheckTB! is developing with stakeholders innovative financing solutions such as a Revolving Diagnostic Imaging Fund using a pooled procurement set-up. NTP's can then draw imaging rights on the basis of pay per image during e.g. 3 or 5 years. This also facilitates access to digital technology through Performance Based costing models.