Customise Savings

In this section you can customize the cost of digital vs. analogue images. Lower income countries can select an access price for the digital base system; other parameters are either fixed or variable for customization. A PDF document with the cost comparison outcome based on your assumptions, will be generated automatically for you. For direct digital systems with comparable initial capital investment and technical functionality similar cost savings can be expected

Annual cost per throughput
(incl. depreciation, maintenance & consumables)
Initial investment
Direct Digital X-ray
Analogue X-ray
Depreciation period
Variable cost per image
Direct Digital X-ray (memory)
Analogue X-ray
Film per sheet 35 x 43 cm
Chemical waste handling
Archiving & Storage
Readability Factor
Digital Images
Analogue Images
Number of images per day
Working days per year
Number of units
This calculation model has been prepared for internal use and study purposes only. While all information, data and estimates presented herein are given in good faith based upon the latest information available, no warranty is intended and the comparison must not be taken as establishing any commitment on