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CAD4TB , a software tool for Computer Aided Diagnosis can soon support DR and will give suspects access to fast and accurate TB screening. Instant image availability reduces waiting time and speeds up sputum analysis and access to treatment. Low dose exposure makes it the right tool also for large-scale TB prevalence studies or screening of risk groups. Radiology supports the combat against the HIV/TB co-epidemic whereby co-infected patients often have false smear negative test results. Activists at the International AIDS Society meeting in Mexico City in August 2008 had a clear message: “Although we are living with HIV, we are dying of TB."

It is more difficult to diagnose TB in children than in adults as they are less likely than adults to have the classical signs and symptoms of the disease, like cough. Children have usually less bacilli in the sputum and the younger children can not produce a sputum sample for microscopy. Therefore CXR plays an important role in TB detection in children.

In addition, the presence of digital radiology will greatly support primary healthcare as low cost images from other parts of the body can be taken as well.