Portable X-ray for outreach screening

Various new portable X-ray systems are available on the market to reach out to key populations in remote and hard to reach areas. The use of solar-powered battery packs and offline CAD allows for environmentally friendly, rapid and accurate screening for active TB in resource constrained setting.

These innovations support the WHO plan to End the Global TB Epidemic by 2035, by innovative Next Generation Total TB screening solutions in support of finding the millions of missing people with TB including those living in remote areas.

2021 portable X-ray introduction: 2.6 KG Delft Ultra

This highly innovative addition in the CXR market was announced by Delft Imaging in February 2021 and aims to provide access to truly portable digital X-ray with full CAD compatibility. This next generation X-ray system is compact, ultra-portable and allows the operator to take low cost digital X-ray images. It acquires images and wirelessly transmits these to an archive (PACS) via the on-board workstation, hosted within the camera. By combining this Delft Ultra with CAD4TB v7 software, rapid and accurate TB screening is possible in the most remote and resource-constrained areas to reach 90% of the most vulnerable, underserved, at-risk populations. In addition this next generation portable digital X-ray system further supports the objective of cost-effectiveness and affordability of active case finding by TB programs as its capital investment cost is significantly below other ultra-portable systems used for TB screening.

Key technical specifications

  • Wireless and ultra-portable AI empowered X-ray screening for TB disease in key populations and difficult to reach areas.
  • Package consists off; Xray tube with integrated mini PC, detector, holder and tripod stand.
  • Xray technique; fixed 60kV, 2 mA, expose time 0,1-1,3 seconds.
  • Weight < 10 kg for complete system (excluding accessories).
  • Integrated easy to use solution for rapid set-up in the field; easy to assemble, setup takes around 5 minutes.
  • Use case: household screening and outreach programs accessible by motor, canoe or walking.
  • Accessories: integrated powerpack and solar panel, tube and detector stands.
  • Maximizes productivity in the field with long-lasting battery performance and solar panel recharging; up to ~150 images per working day.
  • FDA 510(k) cleared system guarantees the safety of your X-ray operations.
  • Low cost state-of-the-art fully digital X-ray system for affordable active TB case findings.

2018 portable X-ray introduction: 25 KG Backpack system

At the UNION Conference in The Hague in 2018, the Delft Light was introduced as the next generation portable digital X-ray system. It is optimized for TB screening projects at remote locations. This system comes with a portable X-ray unit allowing for high quality X-ray images. All required components can be powered with a portable (6kg) solar/powerpack. The solar power pack and internal battery capacity recharge the X-ray and detector batteries and power the laptop and CAD4TB tablet during a full day of operation. Spare batteries or external power can further extend the outreach uptime.The backpack solution includes a high resolution flat panel detector, notebook, protection apron and lightweight X-ray unit.

Key technical specifications

  • The whole X-ray system is fully battery-powered and weighs 25 KG.
  • It’s capable of over 200 exposures with fully charged batteries.
  • Very portable: can be taken anywhere in a car on motorbike or by walking.
  • The X-ray can also be used to diagnose fractures in extremities.
  • Fit for easy & safe transport on motorbikes and kanos.
  • Operable in any remote setting.

Portable X-ray for outreach TB screening in Nigeria

The Goal: To increase active TB case finding in hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria within the TB LON Regions.

KNCV applied the below algorithm whereby the Delft Light was used to identify presumptive TB cases based on the CAD4TB abnormality score. Any subject with a CAD abnormality score > 60 was eligible for Xpert MTB/RIF testing.

Flow Algorithm
Pictures from the KNCV outreach TB screening program in Nigeria